Nanbaka is Highly Enjoyable!

How’s it going there folks it’s Mr zen here with a brand new post and for today’s post I will be discussing about 2016 nanbaka or in the English translation, the numbers. I’m hoping everyone is having a wonderful day as spring is starting to get well under people’s faces with the summer breeze slowly coming in.

Nanbaka came in around the end of the year in 2016 and the story was well suited for many people of all ages. Nanbaka deals with a story of four inmates named Jugo, Nico, Rock and Uno while the four just have a blast in each episode! The four come up with ridiculous antics while trying to escape the worlds toughest  that will make any fan laugh at any moment in the story. The story sets itself off as a parody to many other mainstream shows because of the running gags that work within the lore of the series. The only originality that comes off from the story is the fact that the main characters try to escape the world’s strongest prison while having  a good laugh at that warden . The premise of the story continued with the running gag but, soon later fans saw the creators really worked hard on the series because each episode always brought some new event to keep the viewers entertained. Soon the story had an actual plot with the fourth main character’s that each were represented in a well manner. The plot shifted into a darker tone while keeping it’s happy go lucky comedy around the inmates. The balance of lighthearted humor while keeping the dark contrast of the main characters past suited well within the comedy.

The main characters are so delightful in terms of how they are represented in the story when each character stands out. Jugo story involved him being a research specimen, while Uno was a swindler I’m the streets of New York. Rock was a thug in his early days while Nico was a drug abuser outside the prison. Yes the anime was not hesitant to show these adult themes in the show but, that’s what kept story going forth.

The inmates while having a tragic past still keep up their sense of righteousness as give each lessons in ho to make the best of their lives even if they are stuck in prison.

The background is definitely worth mentioning as it stands out with it’s glittery appearance giving a vibe to viewers that the boys will always look handsome in any shot! Many fans pointed out the issue with the background but soon enough the background blended in as the glitter actually didn’t hinder to the story at all. As sometimes the characters in the story would mention it as well to the fans in third person!

The prison staff even come off as comical towards the viewers because of how quirky they are when it comes to handling the inmates. Such as Haijime, the prison chief officer with a strong sense of duty that also is his own downfall. His overworking nature causes others to worry about character since he does not know the meaning of a day off.

Side characters, villains, and mystery are well blended in lore as we see that in the final episode of season one of nanbaka we are introduced and yet left at a character whose possibly knows more than hes letting on. The story of Jugo shifts near the rest of the half of the series as Jugo past is being revealed. Since Jugo past deals with a tradgety involving him having uncertainty​ as to who captured and gave him strange shackles. The ambiguous nature of Jugo past is still left at the thoughts of many viewers at the end the series as many would like to know who is the final villain of he series.

Elf character introduced gave viewers a shock treatment because of how much of a psychopath the character was towards Jugo. The season ends with the power of friendship overcoming any obstacle and to deal with life’s problems one-step at a time. To better horizons the season ends strong for many reasons and the gags in between the series scenes made for a good judgment call to many kids.  The series gave enough tease for fans that the anime even received a second season in the early months of 2017.  I’m  definitely going on to check out  the series more because the series has swell balance of comedy and action throughout each episode.

So what were your thoughts and opinions on nanbaka season 1? Let me know down in the comments below and as always zenkai your soul everyday!


The Laughing Salesman’s Episode 2 & 3 Review

Hows it going there folks it’s Mr Zen here with a spring 2017 anime review and for today’s segment we are going to talk about quicky about the laughing salesman latest episodes.

Episode 2 dealt with two males stories as they seemed to be once again weak willed in today’s work enforced society. One of the stories that made me shocked was where one of the salarymen was taking heat so much at work that he was fired for his lack of competence. Young and inexperienced how management works, he pouted like a small child throughout the tale. This story struck me because many viewers would like to be in a management position, and be in glutinous power. The 24 year old was then warned by the laughing salesman to not get overly pompous with management control. In the end of that segment it seems that the salesman was only helping the lad by overcoming his anger issues with how he cooped at work. I was able to relate to this story because many young people have to remember that in a business you have to remember that cooperation is always different in every company. By that I mean that a manager has to also take in affect on the types of hires that are around, not everyone works at the same pace. It was a nice touch for a story.


For the second half I was not able to relate because I for one have never been married and ever wanted to cheat on a women haha. The main character seemed to want a one night stand with another women and that was peculiar because, it seemed that taking risks was the central plot. The character was an old man who has never taken risks and by cheating he can have a different outlook on life? No,  thatold man just wanted to get some Tang because he was tired of his old wife. Simple as that.


Now moving on the next episode we see that we have a character that embodies the love of a mother. This male character however could not  differentiate on how to balance his love life and family life. I felt sorry for this character because he could of learned how to cook for himself but that would make is character not so weak-minded. In the end, his own arrogance was his downfall by not learning to accept that he needed to be independent. He needed to learn to grow out of his pampered home because many women these days love a man who knows how to cook. Still a great story to see because it teaches people that there at times that a person has to make a decision and stick by it.

Last but not least, the hobbyist was the final victim in the laughing man’s adventures. I personally find that this person was able to touch everyones hearts because everyone has a hobby they would love to always spend time on. This character loved trains that he always wanted to ride a specific train that was limited in Japans metro line.  The laughing man gave him his most desire wish and what happens is of course, greed and selfishness. This character was so overwhelmed in his hobby that it destroyed his financial life that he worked so hard to do. As  episode 4 was about self contraint and finding balance in life’s quests for happiness. The episode was fun to watch because one slip up and time goes by quickly around oneself. This episode was more tragic because a hobby may be fun but responsibilities first people!


That’s it for today’s post folks so what are your guys thoughts on the laughing salesman as I gave my two cents on both episodes. So let me know down in the comments below, and as always zenkai your soul everyday!

Atom the Beginning Episode 1 First Impression



Hows it going there folks and it’s mr. Zen here with another first impression post. Now for this post I’m going to be talking about atom the first beginning and I have to say that this anime was spectacular. When I first saw this anime it reminded me of cyborg 009. What a great Nostalgia trip that was as the cyborg franchise was such a entertaining role of episodes but needless to say the atom anime was a world of its own.

The world was set in a utopian society where robots are helping humans overcome daily struggles in the workplace. It’s almost an advanced industrial revolution but with robots taking charge of the work force.

I did love how the scientists that were mentioned were actually the scientists that helped create Astro boy! It seems that the story is going to be heavily focused on the main scientists, tenma and horisho. Wow Wow! I’m not going to lie, from there I was hooked because the way the animators were enticing the viewer with the the robot with it’s powerful aesthetics that makes it a powerful military weapon…Or so we think.

The main robot seemed to be installed some artificial intelligence that was able to put it above the others because of the way it can now think for itself. As shown in the last act of the episode we see that ai106 was taking out a fire because it was a threat towards other people! I’m wondering if it’s ai program is going to be heavily focused on the main plotline because of the way the cast kept mentioning that it’s theory was going to change the industry.

So much of the world can discovered as we see the anime atom starting out strong in it’s first episode so catch me talking about this anime in the future! Let’s not forget that the ending and opening songs were beautiful, in terms of visual and audio. Last but not least folks, can we all mention the fact the tenma and horisho we’re almost seen as their relationship seemed out of context. The nose running was awkward as if the author didn’t know how they can do their own secret handshake. Maybe I read the scene wrong but that scene was worth mentioning even if it was…Two buddies enjoying a good olfactory patdown.

So what where your guys thoughts on the anime episode itself? Did the anime remind you of an old school anime that osamu created before or is this series completelynee to you in all aspects? As always folks zenkai you soul everyday!

Samurai Jack Episode 5 Review

How’s it going there folks it’s Mr Zen here with a new anime to discuss and for this post I will be discussing about samurai Jack episode 5 as this episode was loads of laughs, drama, and action.

The episode begins with the Scottish swordsman and it has been so long since we have seen the character and I have to say that adult swim represented the character very well. The Scottish was used as a comic relief and I have never laughed as hard because the Scottish being serious in his array of destruction towards Aku, he was still able to captivate the hearts of many viewers. Now the Scottish swordsman dies in the episode but still lives on due to the magical Irish runes that are embedded in the sword he posseses, so there is room for growth for the character because it seems that the Irish are not done with their assault on Aku. Did I forget to mention that the Scottish swordsman had about 100 daughters! Talk about a real man in the world of Aku haha!

So the Episode continued know with ashi trying to ask Jack on why Aku is evil so Jack actually shows the Carnage of what aku has done to the land and its people. I for one saw this as redemption for ashi as she was warming up to Jack because Jack was slowly taking away ashi habits that were embeddedin her life such as learning to be patient when not in murder mode.

Ashi fighting in the episode was great to see as she finally was fighting for a righteous cause and saving the children is one step from being a murderous killer. I am loving how the writers are going with her story arc because ashi could possibly be the one to save Jack from his own dismay and worries. Jack needs friends and ashi could also be the one to also show Jack a lesson. I have no clue as to what that lesson may be but, the writers may be on to something there.

Last topic I want to discuss is it seems that the horse with it’s Apocalyptic meaning finally spoke in this episode! Yes I was surprised folks because it seems that the horse will now finally come into fruitation as to what it’s supposed to represent in the series. I am theorising that the horse might be the sword that Jack has as it’s representing the hate of being left by Jack. Yeah that sounds ridiculous, I personally think that it might be Jack actually letting the flow of time releasing Jack of all his worries. Jack could possibly left his sword in the netherworld, and he’s going to retrieve it…? There are many possibilities as to what might the horsemen be as we have only been teased so much through the 5 episodes.

So what are your folks thoughts on the episode itself? What are your guys thoughts on ashi character development? What are your guys thoughts on the horsemen and his relation with Jack? And last but not least what are you guys opinion on the Scottish plans for the future!

As always this is Mr Zen here and zenkai your soul everyday!

P.s. happy Easter folks!

My First Blog Post

How’s it going everyone this is Mr. Zen here with my first blog post and there is a lot to say and at the same time, not as much haha. As you all might know I am but, a fraction of those small anime YouTubers that are on the internet. I am expanding my horizons by starting a blog and maybe my passion will be here? Yes, no? They do say that the pen is mightier than the sword so let’s see how the blogging world has to offer as people from all over the world always enjoy a good read. Yet, your all probably wondering what this blabbering fools point is trying to get across and to put it in laymen’s terms…Anime reviews haha. To put it better I’m just putting my two cents across the room because we All love to criticize as much as possible… or maybe it’s just me haha. So stick around as I will review or give an opinion of my favorite anime that I will be watching per season. I will also post other non anime discussions that peaks my interest. So until the next post, zenkai your soul!